Foreign Correspondence

Our team knows Australia – the places, the events, the people and the craziness – and we’ve shared our knowledge, stories and experiences through media outlets in the UK, USA, Canada and Brazil. We’re also well experienced in reporting from around the world, and our all-in approach has seen us:

♦  waiting for the reanimation of frozen bodies at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Arizona

♦  stumbling through Rio’s samba schools prior to Carnivale

♦  chasing EcoChallenge adventure racers through Patagonia

♦  letting it all hang out at Noumea Club Med Singles Week

♦  jumping into the ring for Goanna Wrestling in northern NSW

♦  fly fishing in New Zealand

♦  NOT inhaling at the Nimbin Marijuana Festival…

All these stories and much more have been brought to light in a funny and informative way – it’s as good as being there, but without the self-conscious awkwardness, pain or embarrassment. It’s an approach that works effectively for both reportage and as editorial to promote places, events, products and services in a fun way that is specifically aimed at your target market.

As a proud but cynical Australian, Dominic specialises in explaining and making fun of all aspects of Australian news and society to engage and amuse your readers and viewers, no matter where you are in the world.

If you’re in Australia, then please ignore the last paragraph – Australia is the best! Oi! Oi! Oi! We can provide your publication, website or TV show with professional and informative stories from around Australia and the world. If you are in the travel or trade sector, we can write and photograph editorial-style material that will help draw attention to national and international regions and destinations you deal with.

Translation and vidcasts are available in several languages

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