Writenininja has supplied in editing and proofreading services for a range of titles in many publishing companies, including Australian Consolidated Press, News magazines, Roxby Media, Luna Media and several other publishing houses. Services in this area include:


-layout editing / copyfitting


-rewriting to suit a certain standard or target market


Writeninja has also provided advice and instruction to:


-writers – both for content and how to market their book to publishers and agents


-small business owners managing their own promotional and website content

-corporate groups


In addition to advising and instructing individuals, we also provide workshops for groups for those with English as a second language and for workplace communications. See below for an outline of one of our workplace communications workshops:


Effective eMAIL

No-one can expect us all to be Ernest Hemingway, but in the office and many other workplaces, we require clear, succinct and effective writing for one of our primary forms of communication – email.

It can be the greatest convenience, the biggest time-waster or one of the biggest sources of frustrating, embarrassing or costly miscommunication. In a short 60 to 90-minute (depending on numbers) workshop-style presentation, we can help you make your email work better for you.

Email is often how we create our first impression, sell or persuade, instruct, delegate or inspire confidence. In short, it’s how we get things done. If our email is not effective, then often we’re not as effective as we should be.

In this frank and highly practical workshop, we’ll examine how to:

-match your communication style to that of the addressee

-deal with compromised or just plain goldfish-like attention spans

-make use of everyone’s favourite radio station, WII FM – “What’s In It For Me”

-avoid C.R.A.P. errors and other mistakes that make you look like a numbskull

-sort the fluff from the important stuff

-use subject lines that work

-determine the pros and cons of hitting that CC button

-write without risk of offense or any other forms of miscommunication

-own your email instead of it owning you – spend less time writing and reading for better results!


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