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crosstCrosstown Traffic

A compilation of cross-generic fiction featuring Australia’s best crime fiction writers, including Dominic Cadden’s The Big Fairy Tale Sleep.
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The office looked different through the bottom of a gin bottle. It was stupid thought, but it had been a slow week and I was hungry for action. I took another swig of breakfast.
Then she walked in. She was beautiful. Her face was so pretty that if Michelle Pfeiffher had seen it, she would have rushed out to get a facelift, just so her’s could look half as good.
“You’re Maloney, right?”
Her voice was like the cool hiss of freshly poured champagne.
“That’s right, Zac Maloney at your service.”
“So I hear you’re a damn fine private dick.”
“Sure, gourgeous. What’s the problems?”
“Mr Maloney,” she began as she sat down and leaned across my desk. “I’ve got a couple of things on my mind.”
“So have I,” I replied, before I managed to drag my eyes upwards from her chestal region. “What’s your name, doll?”
“Red. Red Ridinghood.”
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Kostya Tszyu

This biography of Kostya Tszyu follows the world champion’s story from running barefoot in the snow in Siberia to settlement in Australia and becoming the first man to unify the Junior Welterweight world title in 30 years.

There’s a saying boxing that when it comes to the business side of the sport, after shaking hands, you always count your fingers. A digit or two may well have been lost over the signing of Kostya Tszyu…

Julio Cesar Chavez was officially the number one contender for Tszyu’s WBC world title, yet everyone except the WBC, Chavez’s promoter Don King and several million adoring Mexican fans admitted this was a joke. No-one could deny Chavez’s great achievements. He had won world titles at three different weights, and had held the junior-welterweight crown longer than anyone in history. However, he was nearly 38, and had not fought at the 140lb limit since 1998. The worst part was that in his previous fight he took a brutal beating from boxing easybeat Willy Wise.


hbwHow Bastards Work

This comic mystery about some sad, madcap people is a barbed satire on modern relationships in the big city. The story centres around The Breaker, a professional imposter with anger management issues who flees San Francisco with his wife’s money after a balls-up while posing as an ambulance driver. He escapes to Sydney where, for a fee, he will break up your relationship for you. For The Breaker, it’s a kind of self-help therapy, but when his vengeful ex-wife turns up and a celebrity client dies in the arms of a serial seducer, the problems start.

The man they called The Breaker ran his fingers through his hair, wiped his hands on the back of his suit trousers and adjusted his crotch: he was ready to end another relationship.

Presentation. Calmness. A professional detachment towards what was, ultimately, a deal of emotional, financial and lifestyle arrangements made between two people. He felt these characteristics made him good at what he was about to do. A vast amount of personal experience didn’t hurt, either.

A lot of people around Sydney said he looked like Death but in a better outfit – all Italian suits and French cut shirts, impeccably upright, but with a dark and vindictive edge to his features. The Breaker felt a formal appearance and an emotionless monotone helped people get through the rage, betrayal and belittlement they felt when he did his spiel. All the same, he fidgeted with a mouthguard he kept in his pocket, just in case. Good teeth weren’t worth risking for a little sincerity.



A project edited for the Forum of European-Australian Science and Technology cooperation. This publication showcases the best of FEAST research and collaboration, while engaging researchers and government to promote the concept of ‘science diplomacy’. Browse the entire publication for FREE below.






This inaugural publication for the International Family Office Association is a thought leadership vehicle for members and supporters – ultra-high net worth individuals and family offices throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Browse the entire publication for FREE below.

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