rooWriteninja’s director, Dominic Cadden – the readers’ writer

Most of us learn how to write, however that does not make us professional writers – we usually have one area of expertise, but when it comes to communicate a message on that area to the general public, a few can do that effectively.

A professional writer has a career built up around writing – they don’t need to be a celebrity or devote themselves to one pet topic – they are professional communicators, skilled at researching, sourcing or marketing, no matter what the subject. A professional writer can write about almost anything – applying one part creative, one part market analysis, and one part technical skill and research. This recipe cooks up a result that is informative, thought provoking, factual and, when required, humorous – Dominic Cadden, Writeninja’s director, is well-known for his laugh-out-loud reportage from Australia and overseas, and his unique take on sex and sexuality. It is a style that comes from many years interviewing people from all walks of life – from experts to celebrities, from entrepreneurs to girls next door – with the aim to make his articles relevant, accurate and people-focused.

Dominic Cadden has over 20 years experience writing, editing and subediting for mainstream and corporate magazines. With over 1000 articles published in seven countries on everything from cryogenics to executive management strategies to sports-specific training, Dominic has a proven versatility that comes from excellent research, strong attention to detail and a marketing sense that enables him to match his work to the target readership.

He also has a proven-track of businesses promotion through his writing and insights and his down-to-earth attitude, matched with entertaining and, when appropriate, humorous tone, engages readers and entices them to the desired understanding.

Dominic has been able to translate these same skills to a bigger picture, overseeing whole publications and publishing houses, websites and other media campaigns, while selecting, training and managing the appropriate team players to make it all happen. As the managing director of Writeninja Creative and Writing Services, Dominic assures that all work done in the company complies with the highest standards to meet clients’ needs and exceed expectations, whether this is for a company seeking website content or a corporate profile, an individual seeking help with a book, jokes, speeches and/or scripts for an event or production – we cover all aspects of professional writing!

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